AWMc offers specialised integrated consulting services in the water sector, management and the related infrastructure.

About AWMc


AWMc has been established since 1997 in the United Kingdom and is a member of the British Association of Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) and the Fédérale des Ingénieurs Conseils (FIDIC). It offers specialised integrated consulting services in the water sector, management and the related infrastructure. It has an autonomous associate partner AWMc (Tunisia) which is a member of the “L’ordre des ingénieurs Tunisiens”.


AWMc undertakes services in management, information technology, feasibility and environmental assessment studies, as well as the design and supervision of water related projects and the associated infrastructures including primary, secondary and rural feeder roads, electricity, power generation and architecture. It also provides supportive agricultural and water management services to ensure that the implementation of projects is technically sound, economically viable and administratively efficient.


In carrying out its services, AWMc pays particular attention to cost recovery and sustainability. This is mainly approached by conducting the relevant financial analysis for projecting demand and for calculating cost using different production facilities, taking into consideration such factors as the cost of energy, the life span of the plant and discount rates, on the one hand, and the ability or willingness to pay of the beneficiaries or consumers, on the other hand.


AWMc appreciates the role of the private sector and has the capability to assess prospects for privatisation and investment, taking into account the need for the highest financial returns consistent with adequate operation and efficiency of supply. With this in mind, AWMc places
special emphasis on the importance of operation and maintenance and has the practical capability to establish operation and maintenance set-ups and to recommend the appropriate managerial procedures.