Our Staff

Apart from their distinguished academic qualifications, the staff employed by AWMc have extensive practical experience extending over long and consistent professional working periods of more than forty years in some cases. In addition, the staff are also well versed in the latest IT developments required for their technical input.

The key staff of AWMc consists of experts in a wide range of disciplines including engineering, economics, financial analysis, tariff structuring, unaccounted-for water reduction, desalination, agronomy, agriculture, horticulture, apiculture, marketing, environmental protection, solid waste, re-use of sewage effluent for irrigation or industrial processes, architecture, primary roads, training and institutional structuring.

While engineering aspects form the core of AWMc’s activities, the staff also have special expertise for ensuring sustainable management, providing agricultural support, and carrying out the operation and maintenance of all types of infrastructure projects, including water supply facilities, together with their primary, secondary and rural feeder roads and the associated engineering components.

Some Key People

Taysir Dabbagh

Director General

Mahmoud Hadid

Office Director, Urgench, Uzbekistan

Galina Gasanova

Senior Irrigation Design Engineer

Habib Joma’a

Office Manager

Galina Kharina

Irrigation Engineer Consultant

Ildar Ibragimov

Senior Translation Officer

Souhir Samoud

Hydraulic engineer and promotion officer, Tunisia Office

Madaminov Dilshadbek

Office Manager

Muxayyo Allaberganova

Assistant Office Manager, Tashkent Office

Belgacem Selmi

Hydraulic Engineer, Tunisia Office

Fatma Guissi

Hydraulic Engineer, Tunisia Office

Mongi Karrit

Translator and promotion officer, Tunisia Office

Rabeh Habbessi

Hydraulic and Environmental expert, Tunisia Office

Youssef Selmi

Geosciences Specialist, Tunisia Office