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Overhaul Reconditioning of Karshi Cascade of Pumping Stations Project (Phase-III)

The Karshi Main Canal (KMC) Project includes the Overhaul and Reconditioning of the Karshi Cascade of Pumping Stations (KCPS).

The pumping stations are located along the Main Canal which supplies water from the Amu Darya river for the irrigation of lands in the Karshi steppe in Uzbekistan and land partially adjacent to the Main Canal in Turkmenistan. The total area of agricultural lands in Uzbekistan commanded by the Karshi main canal is 336,340 ha.

The Cascade system includes the following main structures:

  • Gravity intake canal from the Amu Darya to pumping station No. 1 (PS-1) with structures.
  • Pumping stations PS-1 to PS-6 with canals conveying pumped water between the pumping stations.
  • Bypass canal from PS-6 to the working part of the KMC, around Talimarjan reservoir.
  • Pumped storage to Talimarjan reservoir.
  • Pumping station No. 7 (PS-7) for the impoundment of Talimarjan reservoir.
  • Intake earth canal with a design flow capacity of 205 m3/s

The ultimate goal of the Project is to restore the KCPS to its design operational mode for the next 25-30 years.

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