Wastewater Strategic Planning and Priority Investment Study in Barada and Ghouta Gharbiya II (in association with Khatib and Alami, Lebanon).

The objective of the study was the protection of public health and the environment and the establishment of a strategic plan for the action required for resolving the difficulties encountered as a result of the rapid increase in the production of raw sewage, which is discharged into natural watercourses.

The study established the basis for the reuse of sewage effluent in accordance with realistic standards and put forward proposals for the identification and rapid execution of priority projects that were technically sound and economically viable. It considered privatisation options, proposed a code of practice for the reuse of sewage effluent, and made suggestions for protecting groundwater resources and establishing options for cost recovery that would show an impact on the economy of the country.

The study also reviewed and proposed strengthening and restructuring the present setup for the proper operation and maintenance of the Sanitation Sector in the Governorate of Damascus.