North Yemen Integrated Rural Development Project – Drinking water supply for 50 rural villages and feasibility study for 8 dams

AWMc was asked to lead a team of multidisciplinary professionals to conduct a feasibility study on the projects that could be identified to achieve the objectives of the study and prove its technical, economic and institutional viability in order to ensure its sustainability through efficient operation and continuous maintenance.

This project consists of

– A feasibility study for the supply of drinking water to 50 rural villages in the regions of SANA’A, SA’ADA, HAJJAH and AMRAN including data collection, site visit and analysis of existing data and documents, assessment of water needs and resources, definition of variants, implementation of 50 new boreholes and surface wells, technical-economic comparison, preparation of the feasibility report taking into account the hydrological, hydrogeological and socio-economic conditions of the villages and the creation and implementation of 50 boreholes.

Population to be served by the project: 200 000 inhabitants

Total length of the network: 250 km (diameter between DN 80 and DN 300)

– Feasibility study and detailed design of 8 dams including hydrological study, geological and geotechnical study, sizing and detailed design of 8 dams in the north of Yemen.